When Pregnancy Follows A Loss

WhenPregFollowsLossWhen Pregnancy Follows A Loss: Preparing for the Birth of Your New Baby
by Authors Joann O’Leary, PhD, and Clare Thorwick, RN
The loss of a baby during pregnancy or in the newborn period is the most devastating event parents can undergo. Our children are not supposed to die before us. Few people understand the conflicting emotions that surface during a subsequent pregnancy nor that these feelings are normal, given your life experience. Embracing the life of a new baby can be daunting when others may not understand you are still a parent of a baby who died. But that baby is part of your familiy forever. While each family has their own story, there are also many commanalities. This booklet is a compilation of families’ experiences. It is the hope that the voices of other parents will help you find a new way of being and coping. (8,500 words)

Sections include:
The Decision to Try Again
What You Can Do to Prepare
The First Trimester
The Second Trimester
Increased Fears and Anxieties
Loss of Trust and the Need to Control
Fetal Movement
Separating the New Baby From the Baby Who Died
High Risk Pregnancy & Bedrest
The Third Trimester
Getting Ready for the Baby
Preparing for Labor and Birth
Fathers / Partners
Communicating as Couples
Lesbian Parents
Extended Family Issues
After Your Child is Born

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