What Is Written On The Heart

WhatIsWrittenOnTheHeart–What the “primal wound” means to your child and you — or to the adult adoptee
–Ways to address your child’s primal experience so you build trust, intimacy & joy
–Healthy parenting approaches to empower your child
–Cutting-edge research into how the circumstances of conception, pregnancy and birth can carry lifelong implications for adult adoptees“I believe that the newborn adoptee has a deep—yes, primal—knowledge that his original mother isn’t the one who’s holding and feeding and cooing at him. Plenty of solid research shows us that a newborn knows his mother and will work very hard to obtain her over anyone else… But all is not lost. Parents needn’t feel hopeless in the face of these revelations, for one of the most powerful healing forces is available to every parent, free of charge… These are simple, concrete things which, while perhaps challenging of parents’ idealized vision of the adoptive experience, will begin to establish an atmosphere of trust for their child. This trust leads to the kind of intimacy which, more than any piece of paper, decrees them as that child’s real parents. For parents who act not out of their own needs and insecurities, but rather out of a truly respectful, supportive commitment to their child’s needs, those are real parents. And that is real love.” Approx 14000 words.$13.95
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