Surrounded by Your Love – Sheet Music

SurroundedByYourLoveLord of all life, whose love enfolds
The measure of our days,
Grant us the grace now to accept
The wisdom of Your ways.

Sharp is our grief,
Our strength but small,
And tears have dimmed our sight;
In You alone we put our trust
For comfort, strength, and light.

This child, so like a tender bud,
Now lives with You above,
There to unfold and ever bloom,
Surrounded by Your love.

Surrounded by Your Love, music and lyrics by Raymond H. Haan, is a beautiful piece of sacred music written specifically for infant/child memorial services. This arrangement is written for a soloist accompanied by either organ or piano. A noted composer, Haan has published over 400 pieces of music with 20 national music publishers. His compositions for organ, voice, choir, handbells, piano and other instruments enjoy a wide circulation and are being performed regularly in worship services throughout the world. (A Place To Remember, 4 pages)

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