Partners in Pregnancy, Partners in Pain

Partners In Pregnancy

With over 25 years of experience as a therapist working with couples grieving the loss of a child, author Gary Vogel has put together a practical guide to help couples understand how differently partner’s can grieve. Gary being the father of a stillborn daughter, he also has personal experience in how differently he and his wife grieved their loss.

This book is full of insights as to how different the grieving experience tends to be for men and women, and with the loss of a child how those differences in grieving styles are magnified. These differences will find the weaknesses (or strengths) in a relationship. The true purpose of the book is to assist couples in understanding and accepting these differences and to build upon those differences to actually strengthen the relationship. “A relationship that is enhanced and strengthened as a result of the loss of a child becomes a tribute to that child.”

“Losing a child rocks our entire world, everything is changed. We will be changed by this experience. How we are changed is up to us. As a couple, this loss will either tear our relationship apart, or make it stronger. It’s one, or the other. I’ve never seen a neutral impact. But which impact it is, is totally up to us. I wrote the book so couples could make a more well informed choice, and hopefully honor their child by enhancing their relationship.” Gary Vogel

(28,400 words)

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