Parenting Your Baby Before Birth CD (MP3)

ParentingBeforeBirthCDParenting Your Baby Before Birth CD (MP3 format)
Parenting In the Womb

Pregnancy is a parenting experience, no matter what the outcome. It is always an unknown journey. Even if you’ve been there before, each pregnancy and each child is unique. This CD is about how you as a parent can nurture and care for your baby as he or she grows and develops within. As you listen to the words and music, you will get intimately in touch with how your role as a parent can impact both you and your baby.

The album contains 3 tracks in MP3 format:
MP3 Track 1: 2 min. 9 sec.
MP3 Track 2: 16 min. 20 sec.
MP3 Track 3: 5 min. 10 sec.

$10.00 (Available in MP3 format only)

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