Our Little Angel: A Book of Memories

OurLittleAngelBabyBookThis 8.5×11″ 4-color ebook remake of our popular printed baby book, Our Little Angel features uplifting original watercolor drawings of angels playing in heaven and provides a place to record an array of memories of a child who has died. There are places to record vital information and healing thoughts starting with early pregnancy, continuing through the baby’s birth, death, memorial service, anniversaries and the years beyond. The 26 pages that make up this book will become a treasure of memories of a much loved baby, the helpful friends and family who were a support during a difficult time, and the thoughts and feelings of parents, grandparents, and others who were touched by this child’s life. Pages are available in the book for photos, certificates, cards, and a registry of people who visited and/or attended the memorial service. Print out as many of the photo pages, registry pages, or other pages as you need on a special paper stock that you choose to most make your memory book unique and most meaningful to you. You can combine the pages in any way you like using a 3-ring binder, spiral binder, or spring binder to make the book complete!

Some sample pages of the book include:








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