Our Baby Died. Why?

OurBabyDiedWhy-In Our Baby Died. Why?, seven-year-old Jake Erling tells the story of his life during the pregnancy and stillbirth of his brother, Jesse. He shares his grief experience from a child’s perspective, and relates an accounting of his mother’s subsequent pregnancy and the birth of his twin siblings. This is not only Jake’s story, but a place for children who have also lost a baby brother or sister to journal their thoughts and feelings. Questions are posed throughout the book and space is provided for children to write or draw their response. For younger children, parents are encouraged to read the book aloud, ask the related questions and write down their child’s responses. As time goes on, Our Baby Died. Why? can serve as a beloved keepsake of memories for the bereaved brother or sister. This PDF format is in 8.5×11″ format so that it is easily printed out on your home printer.

1300 words, 36 pages $4.00 (Available in PDF format only)

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