Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream

MiscarriageAShatteredDreamMiscarriage: A Shattered Dream by Linda Hammer Burns and Sherokee Ilse, offers a comprehensive and insightful perspective on possible causes, medical terminology, choices and decisions, for families experiencing a miscarriage. It also examines the emotional aspects of miscarriage, offers coping suggestions, and discusses choices for the future. It includes resources and a bibliography. The main message of Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream is to be kind to yourself. (22,000 words.)

Table of Contents Includes:
Common Questions and Concerns
What is a miscarriage?
What happens during a miscarriage?
What medical interventions will be recommended?
What if I have Rh negative blood?
What options and decisions do I face?
What causes miscarriage to happen?
Possible Causes
Fetal Factors
Parental Factors
External Factors
What are my chances of having another miscarriage?
What about habitual miscarriage?
After infertility, why did I miscarry?
What happens to my body after a miscarriage?
Coping: Taking Care of Yourself
The Days Ahead: Different Reactions
Single Women
Other Family and Friends
What about the future?
Genetic Counseling
Subsequent Pregnancy
Reproductive Technology
Putting It In Perspective
Support and Resources

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