Grieving Grandparents

GrievingGrandparentsWith the impending birth of a baby, prospective grandparents fantasize and dream of this new and exciting addition to the family. Grieving Grandparents, by Sherokee Ilse and Lori Leininger, is a practical exploration of the anguish, sorrow and sense of helplessness that grandparents feel when their grandchild dies. Critical information is shared to aid grandparents as they attempt to comfort and support their children, while they also learn to cope with their own grief. Many specific suggestions will make it easier to know how to make a difference in their children’s lives. Short and concise sections include:
When Dreams are Dashed
Communicating Feelings
Decision-Making and Disagreements
Guilt and Blame
Creating and Cherishing Memories
Holidays and Special Days
After Time Has Passed

(4,000 words)
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