Days In Waiting: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Bedrest

DaysInWaitingNearly 700,000 Women Are Put On Pregnancy Bedrest Each Year

Mary Ann McCann’s award winning book, Days In Waiting: A Guide to Surviving Pregnancy Bedrest, is an invaluable handbook for women undergoing bedrest during pregnancy. Women will benefit from the insight McCann gained as she successfully endured both an at-home as well as extended hospital bedrest. While offering advice on dealing with children, managing outside employment, and finances, McCann candidly reflects on the personal losses associated with a bedrest pregnancy and offers practical suggestions on working with medical caregivers.

This second edition of the book includes a chapter on exercise written by Marissa Brooks, MS, PT. While bedrest and exercise do not seem compatible, exercise can be as simple as deep breathing. With a physician’s approval, bed exercises can be appropriate and valuable for maintaining strength, preventing atrophy of muscles, and staying emotionally healthy. Brooks is a licensed Physical Therapist, and a pre/postnatal group exercise instructor. She is the founder of the “Bouncing Back with Baby” mom and baby programs, instructor of training seminars, and author of Bouncing Back with Baby: An Exercise Guide for Moms and Babies.

“Days in Waiting offers reassurance and practical information to anxious moms coping with a high-risk pregnancy. McCann shares her personal pregnancy experiences and moves from writer to friend. I truly believe in this book and recommend it to all the moms we support.” Tracy Hoogenboom, Director, Sidelines National Support Network

(38,900 words)

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