Couple Communication After A Baby Dies

CouplesCommunications Couple Communication After A Baby Dies – Differing Perspectives, provides a unique approach to this difficult issue. Sherokee Ilse and Tim Nelson teamed up to offer not only their individual perspectives as a man and woman following the deaths of their children, but also to share how they and their spouses met the challenges many couples face during that stressful time. Addressing one topic at a time, they each share their thoughts and memories and then end the section with some suggestions for couples to consider. They have also incorporated insights from other couples who chose to share their experiences. Finally, in hopes of creating a meaningful dialogue, the book concludes with a mini-workbook where couples are posed questions on a variety of relevant issues. (33,000 words)Chapters:
Some things to think about
L iving through the death of your baby
Hearing the news
Navigating the storm
Funeral, memorials, cremation, burial
Hours and days later
Other children at home
Baby or older child – grieving our different dreams
The way we grieve – ‘to be fixed or not’ Active grieving, active listening
Pressure and ‘help’ from others
Her ongoing needs
His ongoing needs
Back to work, back to life
Will having another baby make it better?
Stuck in the muck of sadness and pain
Regrets and guilt
Escaping – dependency on drugs, alcohol, or other methods
Sprituality, faith, and forgiveness
Compromise and getting along
Much time has passed
Other couples’ differing perspectives
In conclusion

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