Bonding With Your Baby Before Birth

BondingWithYourBabyBeforeBirthBonding With Your Baby Before Birth
This book by Maria Carella, M.Ed., LPC, will show you how to begin a relationship with your baby before he or she is even born. This inspirational guide for the expectant parent includes:
–Cutting edge information on how babies learn, play and commuicate in utero.
–Activities that parents can do with their unborn baby to enhance brain development and a secure attachment.
–Stress management techniques to create emotional wellbeing for mother than baby.

Dozens of little sections, some of which include:
Getting to Know Your Baby In Utero
Commicate Love
Baby Naming
Music I Play For My Baby
Visual Delights
Tune Into Your Baby’s Movements
Exercises That Make Me Healthy & Strong
My Stress Management Plan
My Birth Plan
…and dozens of others!

(92 pages)

$5.00 (Available in PDF format ONLY)

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