Another Baby? Maybe…

AnotherBabyMaybeSherokee Ilse and Maribeth W. Doer have both lived through a number of pregnancies after their own losses. They share the most common concerns, issues and questions parents face in considering another pregnancy in their booklet, Another Baby? Maybe… 30 Questions on Pregnancy After Loss. Included are questions such as:
–How long do I need to wait to try again?;
–My partner and I can’t agree on whether to try again.;
–Should I see the same caregivers I had before?;
–Should I have more testing during this pregnancy?;
–Will I hurt my baby psychologically if I’m too afraid to bond?;
and 25 other important querstions you are probably already asking yourself. Their suggestions and advice make this an important resource. (13,000 words)

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