A Caregiver’s Handbook to Perinatal Loss

Caregiver'sHandbookCoverWINNER OF THE MIPA “BEST PROFESSIONAL BOOK” AWARD THE YEAR IT WAS PUBLISHED Psychotherapist Gary E. Vogel has been on both sides of perinatal loss. After he and his wife experienced a full term stillbirth, he led a support group and then began conducting in-service programs for other professionals. A Caregiver’s Handbook to Perinatal Loss is the perfect book for every caregiver who comes in contact with the bereaved family–all the way from the scheduler at an OB’s office, to the physician, funeral director, clergy, and even the hospital billing department. His writing style is so concise that every page is brimming with constructive suggestions on what to say or do, as well as what not to say or do. We have published this book because we truly believe that every caregiver who really wants to do the very best job they can for the bereaved should know the things that Vogel has to say.

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