MemorEmedia is a subsidiary of, under the parent company deRuyter-Nelson Publications, Inc.

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Toll-free 1-800-631-0973 or 651-645-7045 (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area)
FAX 651-645-4780

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c/o A Place To Remember
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About A Place To Remember
A Place To Remember is committed to publishing and providing uplifting support materials and resources for those who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy or the death of a baby. Our mission statement is an outgrowth of our historical roots in publishing and design through the parent company deRuyter-Nelson Publications, and the interest of its owners, especially Timothy Nelson, in the area of infant death. Nelson is the author of both “A Father’s Story” (now out of print), which tells of the stillbirth of his daughter in 1983 and the effect it has had on his family since then, as well as his new “A Guide for Fathers: When a Baby Dies.” Nelson is also the co-author of “Couple Communication.” After years of interest in the area, which included serving for several years on the board of directors of the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center of Minnesota, it seemed logical that he should meld this interest with his interest and career in publishing. In addition to publishing his own story, A Place To Remember also publishes numerous other booklets, several books, a line of greeting cards, memory box, and products for the funeral industry. In addition, we offer the products of many other publishers in an effort to better supply needed products to our customers. If there are areas of need that we are still not meeting, we welcome feedback from anyone on how we can better serve you. We also welcome ideas on future projects or books that we could publish.